Ears on Earth

Ears on Earth son productores de música locales que comparten materiales apenas escuchados, desde Madrid hasta todos los oídos en la tierra.

Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier is not a normal DJ, his devoted followers are able to make long lines to see him act. He has been named best DJ in the world on several occasions and in different publications. Something must have Laurent Garnier who is respected by both the techno godparents of Detroit and the new generation of producers and DJs who have greatly influenced them through their sets and themes.


Moxie has forged a career that has taken her all over the world to some of the most renowned clubs. Fusing anything from classic Chicago house to obscure leftfield breaks, or glittering disco with energetic percussive rollers, entertaining and educating club goers wherever the journey takes her.


Or:la empezó como una modesta DJ de Irlanda que en los últimos 2 años ha emergido de manera meteórica. Impulsada por potentes líneas de bajo y patrones hipnóticos de batería, construye mundos expansivos para perderse en ellos.

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