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April 2020


By News

As you all know, due to the current global health crisis that we are living, the Government of Spain has prohibited events that concentrate a large crowd of people. That means that we have been forced to postpone our new spring season, Brunch -In the Park Madrid Universidad Complutense. The 4 events we had planned for May 3, 10, 17 and 24 have been postponed to May 2021. We are working hard to maintain the essence of the lineup and we will announce the new dates as soon as possible.

You had been asking us for more Brunch for a long time and we had put all our enthusiasm into this new season. So taking this decision has been very difficult, but everyone’s health must be the top priority at the moment.

We are aware of the gravity of the current situation, and we absolutely don’t want to draw attention away from those who are suffering from a risky situation: the sick people and the people who take care for them. We would especially like to express our deep appreciation to all the healthcare staff. In this battle, they are the true heroes.

However, following the optimistic spirit of our festival, we remain hopeful of making the fall season in the Tierno Galván park.


Keep your ticket: #SaveYourFestival #SalvaTuFestival

For a small company like us, the fact that you save your ticket for another Brunch in the future means a lot. Obviously, we request this action only from those who feel their situation allows it.

It may not seem like much, but with this you will be helping to save the scene, helping workers to fight to keep alive a festival that is already part of everyone. It is the small gestures that achieve great things.


What about my tickets? 

All of you who have tickets for a Brunch –In the Park  Universidad Complutense Madrid, can change them for some Brunch –In the Park in fall in the Enrique Tierno Galván park or keep them for the opening of the spring season in 2021.

When you access your Resident Advisor account (not available in the App, only on desktop website), once the date of the canceled event has passed, you will find these 3 different options that we explain below:

  1. Keep your ticket and redeem it for a future Brunch.

It may seem like a small gesture to you, but it is a great support for us. By choosing this option you will be helping us to make Sundays become Brunch day again.

To save your ticket and keep it for a Brunch –In the Park Tierno Galván 2020 or Brunch –In the Park Complutense 2021, you must go to  RA “My Tickets” and select “Transfer Tickets”.

Your ticket will be saved for when we resume the activity. Using this option, you will keep the current price of your ticket, you will contribute to saving the scene and you will get a 50% discount for another ticket of that event.

  1. Request Refund

Log into your Resident Advisor account and go to “My Tickets”, then select “Refund Tickets”. You will receive the amount in the next 3 – 5 business days.
*Distribution costs are managed by RA

  1. Donar

Log into your Resident Advisor account and go to “My Tickets”, and select “Donate to Save Our Scene”. Doing so will be help save the scene by donating the cost of your ticket to the promoter. Choosing this option you will receive a 50% discount on a ticket to any Brunch -In The Park event in the future of your choosing.

Since the date of the canceled event you will have 14 days to choose any of these 3 options.

For example, in the case of Brunch -In the Park #1 Universidad Complutense on May 3, all 3 options will be activated in Resident Advisor from Monday, May 4 to Monday, May 18.


  • Brunch -In the Park #2 Universidad Complutense May 10th: 3 options available on Resident Advisor from May 11st till May 25th.
  • Brunch -In the Park #3 Universidad Complutense May 17th: 3 options available on Resident Advisor from May 18th till June 1st
  • Brunch -In the Park #4 Universidad Complutense May 24th: 3 options available on Resident Advisor from May 25th till June 8th.


Although we face an uncertain future, we are committed to doing everything in our power so that we can continue have a place for us to celebrate

#salvemosnuestrosfestivales  #salvemoslaelectronica #salvemoslafiesta

Finally, we would like to join in unison with Resident Advisor in a call to #saveourscene. This is a decisive moment, with music suffering a great blow and needing to preserve its continued existence. It is time to save music! You can read the manifesto by clicking on this link.

On behalf of the entire Brunch team, we want to insist that at this time we must focus on the sick and the people that care for them, and we stand in solidarity with all those affected.

Thank you sincerely for your support and understanding.